Emeritus Professor Brian Davey

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I retired form La Trobe University on June 28, 2013 and was appointed as an Emeritus Professor from July 1, 2013. I remain an active member of the department, teaching my honours subject "MAT4GA General Algebra", supervising honours students and co-supervising graduate students.

Research Interests

My research centres around universal algebra, lattice theory, and particularly the role of natural duality theory in both of these areas. I founded and remain an active member of the largest research group within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

I am co-Editor-in-Chief for Algebra Universalis and an Associate Editor for the Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society.

Postgrads and Postdocs

The Research Group on General Algebra and its Applications includes several postgraduate students and ARC postdoctoral fellows. I greatly enjoy the stimulation of working with graduate students. If you are interested in graduate studies in universal algebra or lattice theory, please email me.


The three texts that I have published form my mathematical autobiography.

  • Introduction to Lattices and Order

    • with Dr Hilary Priestley (The University of Oxford),

    • based on our undergraduate courses on lattices and ordered sets.

  • Natural Dualities for the Working Algebraist

    • with Professor David Clark (SUNY, New Paltz),

    • presents all of the main results in the theory of natural dualities proved between 1980 and 1998.

  • Dualisability: Unary Algebras and Beyond

    • with Dr Jane Pitkethly (La Trobe University),

    • reveals the surprising richness of duality theory within the seemingly simple class of unary algebras.

Other Interests

There are passions in my life other than my passion for mathematics. I am a late convert to juggling. I can do a little with most forms of juggling (balls, clubs, diabolo, scaves, rings), but my love is the devilstick. See my photo collection: devilsticking around the world.

Apart from juggling, I play the trumpet, guitar and ukulele, sing folk songs and dabble in latte art. Musically, the ukulele is my present passion, and from 2013 to 2015 I had singing lessons at Dot's Singing. I have written, alone and with others, a number of mathematical songs. A few of my ukulele-accompanied songs can be found on SoundCloud.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Office Location: Room 318, Physical Sciences 2, La Trobe University, Victoria 3086, Australia

Phone: (03) 9479 2599

Fax: (03) 9479 2466

Email: B.Davey@latrobe.edu.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brian.davey1

Twitter: https://twitter.com/briandavey4

Instagram (mainly latte art): https://www.instagram.com/juggler48/

SoundCloud (various songs with ukulele accompaniment): https://soundcloud.com/brian-davey-3

In recent years, I have become somewhat obsessed with coffee. I roast my own beans and have a fully plumbed Alex Duetto espresso machine. I post my daily latte art on Instagram.

I was an enthusiastic runner for many years. The highlight was running the Melbourne and Sydney marathons in 2000. After a knee injury forced me to give up running, I took up tap dancing instead. Unfortunately, in 2009 the knee injury forced me to give up tap as well. :( I am now an enthusiastic power walker. :)

For fourteen years from 1985 to 1999, I worked part time so that I could be at home with my children when they were babies and toddlers and then later could be more involved in their education. All three attended an alternative, parent-run primary school (the Learning Co-operative) and I was actively involved in the running of the school. I returned to full time work at La Trobe in January 1999.

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